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Re: cyrus-imapd (Was Re: Removed packages

Am Dienstag, den 05.04.2005, 14:14 -0400 schrieb seth vidal:
> > and a damn sight feature-less. How about having multiple domains users
> > in a database rather than system users? Oh, this is enterprise and
> > fedora isn't about enterprise.
> > 
> > Why isn't the default cyrus config setup so it works with system users
> > like dovecot does? This way there won't be any setup for regular users
> > and dovecot wouldn't be needed.
> b/c cyrus can only store files in cyrus's format and not in a plain mbox
> file. So using it w/o special configuration is hard.

Cyrus can also handle duplicate Emails delivered to multiple users. The
performance improvement of Cyrus compared to Maildir Imapds is

What about Cyrus murder? Can dovecut be used to mirror completely
compartments among different imap Servers? I doubt that dovecut has more
_USEFULL_ features than Cyrus. Even it does not support Sieve,
Mailquota, mirroring, duplicate Mails, different Mailstores, public
folders, nntp and so on.

> oh and dovecot can auth to postgres and mysql.

Sure, with the help of Cyrus Sasl.

I ever thought Fedora was Community Driven. It seems like RedHat needs
another argument for Enterprise Linux. If i ever read anything about
OpenSource it is the Freedom of Choice. What Choice? Which additional
Repo i have to use to get my Desktop/Server up and running?  

But as i did in the past i am looking forward for Simon Matters high
quality rpms of cyrus imapd. This is annoying. 

Removing xmms is also short minded. We could als remove Kmail cause we
have Evo. Removing Glade2 and Kdevelop is also needed we have Eclipse.

Maybe we should also remove fetchmail. pymail is out there. 
Let us replace every well known product with something that does not
work like that we throw out. 

Maybe someday we have a extra.iso.dvd and core fits on 1 CDRom


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