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Re: tomorrows rawhide kernel.

Warning, rant ahead, take it with a grain of salt :)

Īn data de Vi, 12-08-2005 la 23:57 -0400, Dave Jones a scris:
> The current rawhide kernel (2.6.12-1.1482 and above) now has
> suspend to disk support enabled using the in-kernel software suspend.

Did you looked at suspend2 [1] 
The developer tryes (hard) to integrate it into the main kernel tree.

> 1. Make sure you have a swap partition.
> (if you have >1, it'll only use the first one, so make sure
>  its at least as big as your RAM).  Whilst suspend does evict
>  some non-essential things from memory before it suspends,
>  it can still end up with quite a bit to write out.

Why not an swap file or just an regular suspend file?  [2]
Why not use compression to speed things up alot ? [2]

> 3.
> echo platform > /sys/power/disk
> echo disk > /sys/power/state
> (This will all be done in a much more user friendly way for the FC5 release)

See the hibernate script mentioned below.

> 4. Stare at the gobs of info scrolling up the screen.
> (This will all be cleared up eventually, but for now it's
> potentially useful for debugging).

Why not have purty text or fb UI ? [2]

> - Some device drivers don't wake up correctly.
> So things like your ethernet may need an rmmod/modprobe after
> resuming, to get things working again until the driver gets fixed.

Things like the hibernate script available at [1] could help automate
such things. It also supports vanilla swsusp

> - We haven't tried doing this with X running :)  It's likely to work better if
>   you switch to a tty first.

SwitchToTextMode yes
in the conf file of the hibernate script mentioned above.

> So test, and report any bugs in bugzilla. And if by some miracle it
> all works perfectly for you, we'd love to hear success stories too
> on fedora-devel list.

Yes it works perfectly for me for a quite a few months using suspend2 :D


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