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Re: reducing distribution CD count

On Feb 24, 2005, Elliot Lee <sopwith redhat com> wrote:

> The question is not whether it's useful, it's whether it's an essential to
> the goal of Fedora Core as the "Core", as a general purpose OS.

> The package removals so far are just a start. We're not there yet.

Yup.  We're not there yet.  Since the insanity of taking packages out
just because we had a 4-CD limit is gone, let's bring the useful
packages back into core until we can offer users a *reasonable*
solution to get those packages onto their systems.  Extras as it
stands isn't such a solution.

> The disadvantage is that people somehow see moving from Core to Extras as
> an insult against their package, which couldn't be farther from the
> intention.

Pushing them anywhere before anaconda can support installing them is
equivalent to removing them from the distro.  Sure, you could still
pick it up from elsewhere or build it yourself.  Which is exactly what
removing a package from the distro would accomplish.

Alexandre Oliva             http://www.ic.unicamp.br/~oliva/
Red Hat Compiler Engineer   aoliva {redhat com, gcc.gnu.org}
Free Software Evangelist  oliva {lsd ic unicamp br, gnu.org}

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