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Re: why doesn't yum cache anything?

On Fri, 2004-12-31 at 11:41 -0500, seth vidal wrote:

> To be clear. The part I _think_ Jamie is complaining about is just
> importing the metadata. And I agree with Daniel, it's all tied up in the
> python interning of the strings.
> There are a few ways to 'solve' the problem:
> 1. use a python xml library that does it all internal to python which
> should remove the translation issue.
> 2. thin out the metadata (reduce the number of nodes).
>  2a. alternatively, reorganize some of the metadata so it's faster to
> get to specific information.
> 3. write the xml importing layer in C. Since this would require that I
> learn how to adequately program in C before going on I think this part
> is unlikely.
> 4. ignore it for long enough and machines will just speed up. :)

As Levente has mentioned, perhaps this could be a bit speedier:

5. pickling/unpickling the yum internal data structures instead of
storing/reading XML; depending on how efficient (un)pickling is, this
might be faster though maybe at the cost of that we can't reuse yum
caches between architectures (I think we can live with that if python
doesn't pickle/unpickle portably)

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