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some changes for (slightly) faster boot

In tomorrow's rawhide should be kudzu-1.105-1 and initscripts-8.02-1.
These implement various changes for speeding up bootup some:

- removal of initlog and minilogd

  Basically, the things that were logged before syslog started were
  generally uninteresting, and it added a surprising amount of delay
  to the bootup. There should/will be a better mechanism
  for recording whether services start succesfully added at some point
- hack to allow kudzu to read the devices from a socket from kmodule
  This allows hardware probing to be done only once; the specifics of
  where/how kudzu is run in this setup may be tweaked slightly - the
  initscript may be moved. kudzu also runs without interaction
  now, and just does the configuration of whatever it finds.

The combination of these should speed up the boot a somewhat
noticeable amount of time compared to stock FC3. Currently, there
are the following issues:

- text boot is now more noisy

  initlog did hide some spew from various services; this needs cleaned up.

- things that try to call initlog will simply fail

  openssh and Canna should be fixed. Other things will need fixed.
  I suppose a initlog wrapper that accepts the same syntax and just
  'execs' may be useful, but it's probably best to do a clean break
  and see what happens.


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