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Re: some changes for (slightly) faster boot


I have custom configuration for my audio card (custom alsa config), and my
video capture card (have to specify tuner and firmware location) as well.

-Roberto JP

--- Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com> wrote:

> Jeff Spaleta (jspaleta gmail com) said: 
> > As people have already pointed again in this thread... there is a
> > communication gap in what kudzu wants as a configuration for some
> > devices.. and what local admin/user wants.  Is the hal/network-manager
> > software stack suppose to provide the missing piece of the puzzle so
> > that kudzu doesn't have to deal with site specific configs?
> It's part of it.
> Realistically, the only sort of device that has a lot of site-local
> configuration is a network card; for most other things you don't care.
> Hence, where we're probably going to end up is that kudzu will, at
> most, handle things like modprobe.conf aliases for networking;
> actual config will be handled by something like NetworkManager,
> and system-config-network.
> Bill
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