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kernel cpufreq dothan support -- kernel patch proposal

/* i've also submitted this into bugzilla, bug #144060) */


The kernels distributed with FC3 (up to the version in updates/testing) seem to be missing support for intel's Dothan Pentium-M.

The processors are recognized, but the speedstep-centrino module only has support for acpi frequency scaling on them.
This compared to the older Banias model's 'table' support, which means that cpufreq knows more than max/min speeds, and is able to scale fluently between them.

Here's a patch wich adds support for all Dothan cpu's up to the 755 version (2.0 Ghz).


Applying this patch to the latest FC3 kernels seem to work for me (dothan 1.6ghz, stepping b0), and it also patches into the official 2.9.10 kernels.

The patch also seems to stop the gnome cpufreq applet to spot complaining...

What do you people think about this? useful? good for inclusion? It certainly is nice to have this stuff working...



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