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Re: rawhide report: 20041222 changes

Build System wrote :

> New package GFS
> 	GFS - The Global File System
> New package GFS-kernel
> 	GFS-kernel - The Global File System kernel modules
> New package ccs
> 	CCS - The Cluster Configuration System
> New package cfengine
> 	GNU cfengine - a systems administration tool for networks
> New package cman
> 	cman - The Cluster Manager
> New package cman-kernel
> 	cman-kernel - The Cluster Manager kernel modules
> New package dlm
> 	dlm - The Distributed Lock Manager
> New package dlm-kernel
> 	dlm-kernel - The Distributed Lock Manager kernel modules.
> New package fence
> 	fence - The cluster I/O fencing system
> New package gnbd
> 	gnbd - GFS's Network Block Device
> New package gnbd-kernel
> 	gnbd-kernel - The kernel module for GFS's Network Block Device
> New package gulm
> 	gulm - One possible lock manager for GFS
> New package iddev
> 	iddev is a library that identifies device contents.
> New package lvm2-cluster
> 	Cluster extenstions for userland logical volume management tools
> New package magma
> 	A cluster/lock manager API abstraction library
> New package magma-plugins
> 	Cluster manager plugins for magma
> New package rgmanager
> 	Open Source HA Resource Group Failover for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

(futile cosmetic rant below, you've been warned)

I really think repeating the name of a package in its summary, or its
license for that matter, is unneeded redundancy which reduces readability
when going through lists of packages (at install time for instance). In the
above, lots have the name pre-pended (short or long), and some have useless
"The", "A" etc.

When the time comes, I'd really favor a Fedora guideline that explains what
the "name", "summary" and "description" are each meant for, and what they
should contain.

I am glad to notice though that there isn't a single trailing dot :-) D'oh,
I read too fast, there are two of them :-(


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