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Re: what USB-2 CF reader is alleged to work?

On Sat, 2005-01-08 at 04:45 -0800, Jamie Zawinski wrote:
> "Eratically" means that generally they would work immediately after
> I rebooted the machine, and I could plug/unplug them right after
> that, and they'd continue working; but if I tried to use them again
> a few hours later, the only way to make them work would be to reboot
> again.  No amount of rmmod would bring joy (though some would bring
> complete wedgedness.)

USB devices definitely have flaky drivers.  2.6.9-1.1049_FC4 (running on
FC3) is going a bit better for me but I still got it to oops. However,
FC3 kernels would reliably oops every time you unplugged a CD drive. Now
it seems I have to do something trickier (like unplug a mounted hard

I'm hoping that since all the stuff is there now for people to easily
plug and unplug and have things work automatically, the driver bugs will
get more visibility and fixage.


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