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HAL policies for port. music players

I do not like the default behaviour of hal with respect to my iPod.
Regardless of who is logged in at the console, if the iPod is docked - it wanted mounted rw for the user, with a nice pretty tempting icon on the desktop. Since it can take considerable time to reload one of these devices (about 20 to 30 minutes for my mini - which is as small as they come) - it's an accident waiting to happen like that.

I much prefer the autofs way - where it is not mounted on the desktop, only mounts for users in the group specified in the auto.master file, only mounts when it is needed, and unmounts when it is no longer needed.

After some searching and a tip from someone on the hal list, I was able to stop hal from mounting my iPod without having to turn of auto mounting of all ieee1394 devices (created an iPod specific policy in 95userpolicy)

Now that I have it working the way I want it with autofs - I want to know if hal is currently capable of the autofs behaviour - mounting only for users in specified group, only when needed, and auto unmounting when no longer in use. If it is capable of this, then I suggest for FC4 that such policies for large capacity portable music/ video players either be the default, or easily configured as the default through a sysconfig gui.

I'm tempted to add that as a RFE bug to hal, but don't want to if hal isn't capable of it, and wanted to hear other thoughts first.

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