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Re: HAL policies for port. music players

Kyrre Ness Sjobak wrote:

man, 10.01.2005 kl. 19.11 skrev Jeff Spaleta:

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 11:38:53 -0600, Michael Favia
<michael favia insitesinc com> wrote:

Which is understandable and possible after the first time you tell it
what to do. I think that asking the user the first time which
application to use and possibly mounting parameters is an acceptable

I think you are somewhat on the same page as  David Zeuthen with
regard to what direction should be taken to make hotpluggable devices
more integrated in the desktop.  Whether or not the new system prompts
for interaction by default or just notifies is a UI detail that could
be argued about later... number 4 on David's list. The real trick  is
bulding up the per-device configuration for each user and teaching the
desktop ui how to access those per device properties.  I think David
did a good job prioritizing the technical issues in his list.


... And i don't want to be pestered by users demanding me to type the
root pasword every time they want to use their usb memory plug. When it
comes to those devices, it should be just plug'n'play. No fuss. Like it
is now.

Im not suggesting anything like this (unless you configure it that way of course).

Of cource, you could create a lot of fuzz, and having some ability to
tell the computer "don't allow anyone but user XYZ to mount memory plug
named foo". So what? Take the plug and stick it into another box, linux,
mac, or windows...

If you want such kind of security... encryption.

Not that i would oppose some nice GUI where you could log on as root and
define some special stuff (as the rest of fstab etc) - but not default?
It's a big enough pest to have to configure the DNS and install my
install-the-rest-of-the-software-from-server script on every machine...

I am talking about refining the users experience here. Setting system security policies could also be done through such an interface (when accessed by the appropriwate user) and perhaps it belongs there but my focus was on improving the process a user goes through when inserting a new device (cd, mp3 player, usb drive, printer) by unifying the interaction model and presenting them with an opportunity but not forcing them to configure the device (both for this insert and optionally future ones of a particular device or device type).

Next question...


-- Michael Favia michael favia insitesinc com Insites Incorporated http://michael.insitesinc.com

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