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Re: rawhide report: 20050111 changes

Build System wrote:
New package hardlink
	Create a tree of hardlinks.

That's a bad description. I was wondering initially, how this was different than `cp -al`. It in fact merges duplicate files in a tree using hardlinks. It's a nice util, but I've a few questions.

1. Does it really need it's own package?
Couldn't you try to get it included in util-linux
or some place like that?

2. No man page?
At least explain what the options do in usage()!

3. version 1.2 is in extras for ages but 1.0 is at following url?

4. you assume a block size of 4KiB for calculating saved space?

5. It's significantly slower than the findup component of fslint
(which is also in extras). See below:
Note, findup has a -m option formerging with hardlinks also.
Also note the test data was 2 x 2.4.20 kernel trees

[pbrady pixelbeat fslint]$ time ./findup ~/kernels/ >/dev/null

real 0m48.719s user 0m14.070s sys 0m13.990s [pbrady pixelbeat fslint]$ time ./findup ~/kernels/ >/dev/null

real 0m43.601s user 0m13.790s sys 0m14.660s [pbrady pixelbeat fslint]$ time ./findup ~/kernels/ >/dev/null

real 0m52.549s user 0m13.540s sys 0m15.270s ----------------------------------------------- $ time ~/hardlink -cnv ~/kernels/ 2>/dev/null

real 1m6.230s user 0m0.270s sys 0m1.910s [pbrady pixelbeat fslint]$ time ~/hardlink -cnv ~/kernels/ 2>/dev/null

real 1m27.496s user 0m0.350s sys 0m2.320s [pbrady pixelbeat fslint]$ time ~/hardlink -cnv ~/kernels/ 2>/dev/null

real 1m5.037s user 0m0.350s sys 0m2.480s

Pádraig Brady - http://www.pixelbeat.org

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