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Wanted: A really easy to setup&use small network file server

After having my strugles with LDAP/NFS/etc, i have seen a need - a need
for a really good "set'n'forget" Linux-based directory server, that
would allow authentification of users and mounting of homedirs.
Something that you could thrust the average person to setup, that would
be "insert cd, in anaconda chose LAN file server, install. Add users.
Connect clients. Have fun". A really no-fuzz kind of thing.

I know this is a short descriptions, i could probably gone to great
lengths about this, but i think you get the point. So i just throw out
the idea, hoping that somebody caches it...


Btw. i couldn't not notice that bluecurve window borders around the maps
on the control terminal of some new tsunami warning system... I am
really relieved they at least did get the OS choice right! Seriously!
Now i migth acctually thrust it...

(BLUESCREEN: Lost contact with bouy due to earthquake.)

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