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LZW and legal stuff

LZW patent is no longer valid, according to Unisys themselves.
What are the chances (I guess lawyers need to get involved etc.) of using LZW packages with Fedora?

For example - giflib, lzw compression kit for libtiff, etc.

It does look like the version of gd that ships with Fedora Core has gif functionallity added back into by the upstream developer, and Fedora did not patch it out - is that just an oversight or are you comfortable with lzw compression now that the Unisys patent has expired?

If there are no *other* legal issues, I think lzw compression kit for libtiff would definitely be good, the new version of gimp apparently has better support for raw images from various digital cameras, and lzw compressed tiff is a good way to share tiff images between operating systems at a small filesize (IE sending images to stock photo company)

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