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Re: NetworkManager update requires bind

Rahul Sundaram wrote :

> > I'm wondering why the networkManager package (NetworkManager.i386
> > 0:0.3.3-1.cvs20050112.1.fc3) available in the updates now requires
> > caching-nameserver which requires bind?
> not sure if its a bug or something. ask in the devel list or file a
> bug report at bugzilla.redhat.com

It's because it now uses bind on the loopback in caching mode to workaround
some glibc resolving limitations. See the last %changelog entry from the
package, it explains it. Not sure why _excatly_ that change was made,
especially since I had a resolving problem _after_ the update, which I
never had before, although I suspend and resume between various different


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