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Re: Building rpms on AMD64

> AFAIK, there's no way to build i386 software of any complexity on
> outside of an i386 chroot on an AMD64 system, without completely
> modifying the package's build system.

This is bad, but not surprising.

> Note that while .server files may be text, they describe binary
> components. Thus, /usr/lib/bonobo lists 32-bit components
> and /usr/lib64/bonobo lists 64-bit components. Their placement
> in /usr/lib{,64} instead of /usr/share is correct.

This doesn't seem to be true in the case of Galeon. I see nothing in
the .server files that is 32bit or 64bit explicit.

> Somebody should fix bonobo-activation to do the right thing on 64-bit
> systems, but I don't think anybody really cares all that much about
> Bonobo anymore.

Not care about bonobo anymore, don't plenty of common applications still
use it.

> Gdk-Pixbuf and GTK immodule problems on biarch systems were fixed for
> FC3.

This is a good to hear.

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