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Re: perl INSTALLDIRS=vendor

Chris Adams <cmadams hiwaay net> writes:

> Once upon a time, Chip Turner <cturner redhat com> said:
>> Ville Skyttà <ville skytta iki fi> writes:
>> > The modules come from a vendor -> they should go into vendor install
>> > dirs.  Site install dirs are for local site installs so that admins can
>> > override system installed stuff a la "perl -MCPAN -e install Foo-Bar"
>> > and traditional tarball install.  (Moving site_perl in /usr/local/...
>> > would make this clearer FHS-wise.)
>> I like that idea.  A lot.  I'd not thought about it til now, but that
>> makes a tremendous amount of sense.  It would also address the manpage
>> issue, I think.  It would break backwards compatibility, though, with
>> older RPMs (unless we still looked in the /usr/lib/.../site_perl/
>> dirs, but I'm inclined not to).
> Hmm, you might as well change "vendor_perl" to "rpm_perl" then.  I don't
> want RPM touching /usr/local (that's for the few odds and ends I install
> manually and local or per-system scripts), but I install perl modules
> from RPMs all the time.  "vendor" to me means Red Hat or Fedora, so I
> wouldn't make my perl module RPMs install into the "vendor" directory.

Well, perl itself calls it vendor_perl.  Various things like 'perl
-V:vendorlib' etc make me hesitant to diverge from upstream naming.
vendor_perl is where Fedora's perl modules end up landing; site_perl
is where your site's perl modules.  RPM doesn't really have anything
to do with it.  There's no law against rpm managing files living in
/usr/local, but that's one of the few places that is even viable for
things like man pages from third party apps that might conflict with
the ones living in /usr.


Chip Turner                   cturner redhat com
                              Red Hat, Inc.

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