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Re: Fedora Core 4

On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 10:06:34AM -0500, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> Package downgrades and removals are a very difficult thing to do
> correctly and are dangerous as an automated concept.o

Please note that the example I commented on was an explicit
request to install a specific package, not a general update.

smart just told the user that it needed to downgrade to
fulfil the request, which is true. What the other tools do in
the same situation is listed on the same page.

> So as an advanced user you might find the automated decision making as
> to what to remove or to downgrade useful a novice user will be
> confused because they might assume the downgrading is a perfectly
> natural thing.

Make downgrades an option, defaulting to no? But I think the first
thing on a repositories FAQ will be: "In order to avoid problems,
set AllowDowngrade to yes in smart".

> Using smart to update wireless-tools from Core updates-released  
> smart tells me it needs to remove kdenetwork and NetworkManager.  This

Was this during a general 'upgrade' command, or did you tell smart
to explicitly upgrade wireless-tools?

> -jef"is anyone running smart against rawhide... im sure there are more
> than enough pathelogical packaging error cases in rawhide to chew
> on"spaleta

I am running rawhide with smart. Enabled repos are fc-devel 0, freshrpms 0,
dag -5 newrpms -5, atrpms-stable -10, atrpms-good -10, atrpms-bleeding -20 

It's heaven.

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