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gcc optimation flags -- was Re: RFC: Optimizing for 386

On Thu, 2005-01-20 at 06:25, Jeff Johnson wrote:
> >>And what about LDFLAGS? Has anyone been experimenting with this 
> >>variable? I've read those two pages:

> >FWIW OOo (2 at least) links with -Wl,-01

> With no objective measurement of any performance win through optimizing 
> LDFLAGS, as always.
I remember that coyote gulch did some benchmarks of gcc compilers with
different flags. His site seems to be down though.
The url I gave is not the study I'm really thinking of.
I think that he tried a genetic algorithm type approach to try and find
the "perfect" set of optimization flags to use.

I'm sure of someone wants to use up a lot of cycles then someone could
use a lot of benchmarks with different combinations of flags to find the
perfect match for some programs. You could use simulated annealing or
genetic algorithms if you didn't want to exercise each and every

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