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Re: RFC: Optimizing for 386

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Paul Iadonisi wrote:
 >   I'd like to suggest for you to rally support from a few people to go
> through the recompilations necessary for the entire distribution
> (suggest using FC3 as the base) to prove the points you've been making.
> There are a few things I think you will need to consider if you want to
> be convincing.
>   First, provide the entire resulting RPMS for download (bittorrent to
> share bandwidth) for others to help out with benchmarking.  For the
> truly paranoid (and to comply with most FOSS licenses), provide the
> SRPMS as well.
>   Next, be sure that anyone who does the 'subjective' part of the test
> has two *identical* machines side by side to test simultaneously.  If
> anyone's going to trust someone saying "It's faster" without hard
> numbers, it'll be a hard sell unless there are no time and space
> separators involved in the test.

Why do you need 2 machines and not just 1 dual booted machine? You can
rule out chipset and harware diaparity that way? Maybe i am missing

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