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Re: further package removals/potential package removals

Jeff Johnson wrote:
> ... nautilus "needs" samba much likes it needs just about every other
> bleeping library in FC4. Why? Because users want "features", and
> features requires implementations, usually in libraries, which use
> sonames, which are copied into package dependencies.

If you think that the fact that Nautilus has a lot of "features" means
that it's necessary for it to cause the entire desktop as a single
unsplittable ball of mud, well, you have been misinformed.

> So change how ghostscript is packaged, splitting out each individual
> printer driver into a separate package, leaving a pristine ghostscript
> that floats your boat.

Hey, guess what!  I don't maintain Ghostscript or work for Red Hat!
Other people on this list have the ability to fix this crap, not me.

> If space is tight, then you're cheap ;-)

Ok smartass, now why don't you explain to me how I'm "cheap" because I
don't have the time or inclination to back up, repartition, and restore
my machines' drives every time I upgrade the OSes because someone with
your "disk space doesn't matter" attitude decided that it was ok for a
default install to go from a /usr that takes ~400MB to >2GB in just two

> Seriously, diska *are* cheap.

Seriously, you *are* missing the point.

> And there is already a mechanism to install only requested locales,
> feel free to configure to limit locales to *only* en_US if your boat
> is sinking because of locale baggage.

What binary rpm installation does that?  Oh, I'm sorry, you must have
been under the impression that I was compiling all my packages from
source, since everyone does that.

> Try --excludedocs, been in rpm for years.

I must have overlooked the Anaconda checkbox that turns that on.
And the "yum update" option, too.

> look around a bit on your file system with "du -s".


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                    jwz dnalounge com      http://www.dnalounge.com/

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