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Re: further package removals/potential package removals

Chris Adams wrote:

Once upon a time, Jeff Johnson <n3npq nc rr com> said:

... nautilus "needs" samba much likes it needs just about every other bleeping library
in FC4. Why? Because users want "features", and features requires implementations,
usually in libraries, which use sonames, which are copied into package dependencies.

nautilus has an explicit dependency in the spec file on gnome-vfs2-smb. It does not have any apparent dependency on libsmb.so that is provided by gnome-vfs2-smb (nothing seems to have such a dependency). If I don't have any need to browse Windows networks, why do I need the software installed?

Features are great; _required_ features are not.

rpm -q --changelog nautilus ... * Thu Aug 26 2004 Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> - 2.7.4-3 - Added requires eject - Depend on gnome-vfs2-smb instead of -extras

RFE in bugzilla is far more effective mechanism for change than fedora-devel.

73 de Jeff

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