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Re: rawhide report: 20050121 changes

> Correction: kde-redhat is primarily about adding features that redhat
> (purposely or not) doesn't include.  
> Other goals had included removing the (hard) dependancies on
> redhat-artwork and redhat-menus, which could be considerred "removing
> redhat integration bits)". 

yes. thats what I was talking about. its not a negative remark on
anyone though. Just emphasising that integration bits are better done
upstream instead of by invidual distributions

> IMO, no.  The perception from many people will be *exactly* that RH has
> declared all-out war on KDE, true or not.

I dont think so. it depends on how easy it is to add KDE. has the
perception been that ubuntu has declared war on KDE?.

> Everyone, please stop the mere suggestion of removing KDE from Core, at
> least not in the near future...  until there is very tight
> integration with Extras.  

for your information we are not just discussing moving KDE to extras
but also other packages. we are also discussing how much integration
with extras is necessary and the methodology to do it. so asking
everyone to stop discussing these issues is IMO ill advised

Rahul Sundaram

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