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Re: rawhide report: 20050121 changes

Le dimanche 23 janvier 2005 Ã 12:12 -0500, Jeff Spaleta a Ãcrit :
> On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 11:50:40 -0400, mbneto <mbneto gmail com> wrote:
> > I think that one of the problems is the dependency issue.   I've been
> > using RedHat/Fedora since RH 3 and one thing that makes me sad is that
> > every other distro seems to have a "minimum/firewall like" install and
> > the 'minimum' install for fcX is 700Mb...
> This comes up frequently, and i pretty much say the same thing
> everytime. So everyone whose seen my rant about this before.. just hit
> delete now.


The fact is if I want to set up an Oracle box I'll need a minimal
install - just not the one you think of, because it'll be defined by
Oracle needs.

In the same way if I setup a spam filtering box or a pvr box I'll do
minimal installs - but again these won't be the same as the first one.

The problem is not the comps.xml groups. You won't find a common minimal
group for all those wildly different uses (that's why the current
minimal install has grown - to encompass everything). The problem is
making easier for different people to define the minimal sets they want
to use (and not lock them in a setup that tries to be everything for

And I know it's a PITA to support - you just can't assume everyone will
have more or less the same setup. But since lots of people end up
working around all the well-meaned attempts to have everyone go the same
path, the support problems are the same, you only piss off people that
have to fight obviously arbitrary installation decisions.


Nicolas Mailhot

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