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Re: RFC: Soname in rpm name

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Le lundi 24 janvier 2005 à 07:33 -0500, Jeff Johnson a écrit :

But I'm sure the java heads will break *.rpm packaging with --relocate for
their *.jar files if/when they discover --relocate. Again <shrug>, there's invariably
something along the lines of "Don't do that." that can be devised.

Actually java is so bad at searching jars they'll be the last thing
anyone wants to relocate. Too many hardcoded classpathes everywhere...

So I hear. What's sad is that "hardcoded classpaths" is exactly what rpm (and packaging)
might help rationalize, mapping the classpath mechanism into package dependencies.

rpm will get to java dependencies some day. I'm not gonna hold my breath, though, because
java culture is so vastly different than other coding, and the java heads seem to wish to exist
separate-but-equal until they get around to writing a kernel in java that runs everywhere.

73 de Jeff

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