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Re: suggests/requires in rpm

seth vidal wrote:

I, for one, thought Jeff was clear that it's the job of depsolvers (anaconda, yum, smart, apt) to decide what to do with the extra information.

All that's really been done is to push the decision-making process off on the depsolvers.

It hasn't resolved the problem, just resolved the problem for rpm.

Au contraire.

Change no yum code, i.e. don't look at the RPMSENSE_MISSINGOK bit, and you have exactly
the existing behavior.

Meanwhile, rpm -e becomes possible for end-users, albeit at the expense of flip-flop through anaconda.

That appears to be progress forward.

OTOH -- without an RFE in bugzilla -- I shall not waste 3 hours on an implementation, and so no problem
whatsoever has been, or will be, resolved.

Criminey, how hard is it to check a bit that marks an edge in a graph "optional"? You'ld think this
was NPTL or SELinux.

73 de Jeff

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