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Re: further package removals/potential package removals

> It's called "pre-Extras", nothing more, and we're still in the middle
> of nowhere.
> CVS is a step forward. Pre-Extras is a step backward. At fedora.us we
> have the stable/testing/unstable classification and the separate
> "pending" repositories, which we can use rather freely. With
> pre-Extras, we don't even have a package submission policy. Package
> updates for pre-Extras are done via bugzilla.fedora.us, because
> nothing else is documented and CVS has not even been opened for
> fedora.us trusted developers yet.

Why are package updates for pre-extras done by bugzilla.fedora.us. All
the packages in cvs are in red hat's bugzilla.

> It is my impression some key people wait for FUDCon and hope for
> wonders. While that may be an option for those who plan the official
> Fedora Extras and else have not been involved so far, it is unbearable
> for the active fedora.us and pre-extras supporters.

Where did you get this impression from?

I'm sorry to hear you don't like pre-extras, I was trying to help out by
building those things and putting them up.


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