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playing with xen...


  I've been trying out xen... some info that might (or not) be useful:

    /etc/X11/xorg.conf got rewritten.

  Now, I'm not using rhgb.
  My xen environment is, basically, booting into run level 3 (to reduce
complexity), and trying to test it, so there's no X anywhere.

  When I finish being frustrated for not having net yet (must be some
quirk between xen and natsemi or something it depends on) I reboot to
get my default desktop.

  A script running on 5 moves /lib/tls.disabled back into /lib/tls

  Since xen is starting to be integrated, I understand there are weird
things until the kernel can stabilise, but the xorg.conf file being
rewritten puzzles me.

  Regards, Rui
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