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Re: grip being removed [Re: rawhide report: 20050120 changes]

peter backlund home se (Peter Backlund) writes:

>> I looked at rhythmbox and it is catastrophic for simple music listening... a
>> huge window which requires at least the half of my screen width (the minimal
>> window size seems to be 670x293). No way to turn off the window title, no
>> 'pause' control, no control to influence the position within the song, a
>> volume control where 3 small curves show the volume... As said... a typical
>> Gnome2 application which tries to follow blindly a UI guideline without
>> taking care about ergonomic.
> http://petrix.se/fedora/rb.png
> It has a pause button, it has a slider for controlling position in the
> songs, and the size of the window is 350x85.
> Pause and the slider do not appear until you play a song, which is in
> line with the UI guidelines.

Oh... I never brought rhythmbox to play a sound -- it segfaulted shortly
before (probably related with the gconf error-messages and the failed
%post scriptlet).

But: UI guidelines which allow that a start-button becomes a stop-button
are crap (probably copied from M$ Windoze). I do not want to count how
often I pressed 'stop': there should be silence regardless if I pressed
1, 23 or 42 times the 'stop' button.


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