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duplicating a disk

Le mercredi 26 janvier 2005 Ã 11:04 -0800, cfk a Ãcrit :
> Gentlemen:
>  I have a situation where I need to make a number of identical computers all 
> with the same fedoraCore2.
>  I have tried putting a second (hdb) disk, doing a "df" on hda and based on 
> the number of 1024 blocks going:
> dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb bs=1024 count=<TheNumberDfShows>
> and it blinks the light a long time and then croaks.
>  I know I did something similar to this a couple of years ago on a different 
> project. Can someone tell me where I am going awry and perhaps educate me a 
> little bit more.

If you can setup an nfs or ftp/http server somewhere the fastest method
is network install via kickstart (using pxe if you can)

It might take a little longer to setup but you'll make up the time very
fast. And if you do not have exactly the same hardware (same components
& firmware versions) it's way safer.


Nicolas Mailhot

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