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Re: rawhide report: 20050126 changes

Le mercredi 26 janvier 2005 Ã 22:10 +0100, FÃliciano Matias a Ãcrit :

> I just try to figure out why java stuff should be in Fedora Core.
> I think some java stuff can be push in Fedora Extra. In don't think
> jakarta is a "core component" for an OS. I do not use java a lot and
> perhaps I am wrong.

All the jakarta (and particularly the commons bits) are infrastructure
libraries that are used in an awful lot of java projects (including big
apache projects like ant, tomcat, geronimo... but also your run-of-the-
mill in-house java development, other big apps like eclipse, etc). The
java world is huge, but a large part of its OSS elements united under
the apache/jakarta umbrella several years ago. There is no big app named
jakarta just like there is no big app named GNU but if you remove the
jakarta bits very few large OSS java projects will run (I'm writing
large because obviously small student projects care much less about
component reuse)

Now jakarta is big enough there are probably some bits in it that do not
belong in core, but trust me the Red hat people are starting from the
ground up and we're far from the point were java games are proposed for
inclusion. Right now its strictly core library pool seeding. It will
probably reach perl size before apps start trickling in (the difference
being free java is split in small interdependent projects instead of a
big centralised blob - the (stupid) jpackage counter is showing 1381
packages right now and a big part of the repository is infrastructure
stuff not leaf apps)

Nicolas Mailhot

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