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Re: Fedora PPC things...

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 14:06 +0530, Colin Charles wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 00:11 -0800, Jesse Keating wrote:
> > Battery Life somewhat sucks right now.  Not sure if it's for everybody
> > or just me.
> Probably just you. Its always a little worse using Linux than compared
> to OS X, but thats normal

Enabling dynamic clocks in the radeon driver might help improve that.

> > Bug in pmud or whatever for my G3 ibook where I have to disable HALd
> > before going to sleep and re-enabling it when coming out of sleep.
> Hmm, okay. Thats a pmud issue we need to fix

I lose the brightness buttons after a suspend/resume cycle. That
wouldn't be so annoying, but if I resume on battery, something tends to
blank the screen a little while after resume... and then it's a PITA to
turn it back on again :)

If it ever happened when I was at home (i.e. if it happened when there
was power too), I'd have investigated it more by now.

> > Patches to airport driver to allow for scanning for wireless networks.
> > Asking around for the essid gets you strange looks sometimes.
> This is touching the kernel, for Orinoco support... I don't know what
> davej/arjanv will think about this

Upstream first. Where?

> > Graphical boot support?  I haven't gotten this to work yet, but haven't
> > spend a lot of cycles.
> Yes, rhgb working on ppc will be nice

Works for me.

> > Some work or status report on Mac-on-Linux.  Very handy for media
> > formats ppc-linux doesn't yet handle, w/out having to reboot the entire
> > system.

I played with MoL last April but never got the kernel bits to build.
Possibly a candidate for Extras if anyone has a patience to beat it into

> Well, there's qemu ;-)

Qemu is nice. Runs i386 acroread relatively sanely -- even runs i386
acroread7 if you install all the gtk/pango stuff in /usr/qemu-i386 for
it. RPM support for cross-arch stuff like that would be good; some
people need it for i386-on-ia64 anyway.


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