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Re: Fedora PPC things...

Colin Charles (byte aeon com my) said: 
> CC'ing fedora-devel-list because there are some things that need to be
> sorted for a possible FC-4/ppc _release_

> 5. updates - we can't have david woodhouse (dwmw2) grabbing packages
> from the RH build system and having to host them at ftp.linux.org.uk -
> we need a better mechanism. i.e. the normal way package updates go out,
> can the ppc and ppc64 packages go out with them too? This might involve
> some policy change at Red Hat, so can someone in the know, speak up?

If there is a FC-4/ppc release, this is a nonsensical question; it's
a given that the updates will be with the rest. If there's not
a PPC release, the updates won't be with x86/x86_64, as that
really doesn't make sense (should we push Aurora updates there
as well? I don't think so.) It's not really something that requires
changes in either case.


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