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Eclipse 3.1 (was Re: rawhide report: 20050126 changes)

* Andrew Overholt <overholt redhat com> [2005-01-26 09:47]:
> I'm hoping to go back to a 3.1 milestone build before FC4.

Looking at the schedules for Eclipse 3.1 [1] and FC4 [2], I see the

Eclipse 3.1 M6 (stable build, API freeze):  2005-04-01
FC4 Absolute devel freeze:  2005-05-02
Eclipse 3.1 M7 (stable build, development freeze, etc.):  2005-05-13
FC4 Release open, announced:  2005-06-16

I'd like to ship a 3.1 M6 (or some stable incremental build between then
and FC4 freeze) with FC4 and then update to M7 and 3.1 final as they come


  a) ship as above
  b) ship 3.0.x

3.1 Pros:
  - between now and then we get to spend lots of time testing and getting
    things pushed upstream
  - this is where all development is happening
  - awesome new plugins like Jeff Pound's ongoing work on the Bugzilla
    plug-in are dependent upon 3.1 (without a tonne of back-porting)
  - making RPMs will be much simpler than how we're doing the 3.0.1 now
  - upstream supports many more architectures than they did with 3.0.1

3.1 Cons:
  - lots of stuff that may not work with libgcj4/gij4
  - a lot less tested than 3.0.x

3.0.x Pros:
  - well-tested, established, stable code
  - already have RPMs and know they build okay with gcj4
  - will be the latest upstream _released_ version

3.0.x Cons:
  - old code where new features are not being added
  - will need back-porting if we want new things
  - build is a bit of a mess (especially for arches that were unsupported

I'd like to go with 3.1, but we'll need to do lots of testing and
bug-fixing.  The number of gcj/libgcj hackers capable of fixing bugs isn't
that high and even getting things down to test cases is not an easy task.
I'd like to hear people's opinions.




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