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Re: Fedora PPC things...

On Thu, 2005-01-27 at 14:06 +0530, Colin Charles wrote:
> > Battery Life somewhat sucks right now.  Not sure if it's for
> everybody
> > or just me.
> Probably just you. Its always a little worse using Linux than compared
> to OS X, but thats normal

Sure, thats the way it was in 2.4, but seems under 2.6 I rapidly lose
battery power, and once it hits 45% it suddenly jumps to 0% and shuts me
down.  I only get an hour or so from a full charge, unlike the 3 hours I
got under 2.4

> > UI to configure mouse button emulation
> Err, the /etc/sysctl.conf entries you mean? I think we need to fix
> anaconda to make the default the f10/f11 keys to work well

Well, here's the thing.  ibooks have an extra button that powerbooks
don't (or vice versa), the eject button.  Since keyboards are different,
a default won't work very well.  We need to expose a UI to select which
button much like Gnomes keyboard shortcut selector (press button for
this function, instead of trying to figure out what keycode a button

Speaking of Gnome shortcuts, all of a sudden the apple key can't be used
as a meta-mod, so it can't be used in combinations such as <apple>-left
and <apple>-right or other things such as that.  I think this isn't just
a ppc thing because the windows key in x86 can't be used in the same
manner.  This is a change from FC2 and it annoys the crap out of me as I
have to re-learn a lot of keyboard shortcuts I had set up.  Fixing this
on PPC would have the echo effect of fixing it on x86 and that's not bad

> > Any work to make video-out function would be VERY nice.  I don't
> like
> > having to reboot to OS X in order to present on a projector.
> This is a bit of a hack in Linux/ppc so I don't think we should be
> integrating it. Though its something we should work towards

Even if we don't integrate it, having a how-to posted somewhere
convenient would be nice.

> > Some work or status report on Mac-on-Linux.  Very handy for media
> > formats ppc-linux doesn't yet handle, w/out having to reboot the
> entire
> > system.
> Well, there's qemu ;-)
> But yes, MOL in Extras/ppc might be nice (don't think we need it in
> Core, but hey, its okay with me)

Yes, totally an Extras/ppc thing.

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