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Re: redhat abe

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
SRPMS apt-repositories are missing for pre-extras.

This renders "apt-get source" and "apt-get build-dep" non-applicable to
fedora.us hosted apt-repositories and therefore voids at least these
aspects where apt is superior to yum.

I had asked Warren Togami to add them on PM and he answered:
"There is little good reason to do so.  Trying to limit the size of that
repository because many mirror administrators see it as redundant."

This is not true, SRPMS apt-repositories are not redundant. Not having
them implies loss of functionality to apt.

And having them makes it a _lot_ easier to grab a package, fix something, build it, test it, then post a bug report w/patch.

SRPMS repositories _are_ important.

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