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Re: Nvidia packaging in Fedora (Summary)

> you would think that... but as soon as you build applications against
> the nvidia headers.. you see such a rational thought contradicts
> reality. 

Well that sucks. Sounds like a bug that should be fixed by Nvidia then.

> > How do you make use of the Nvidia extensions with the Mesa headers?
> You dont. 
> if you really really really want to tie your binary to the existence
> of nvidia hardware and libs.. you use nvidia's headers and libs at
> compile time. And with livna's rpms you can do exactly that by setting
> appropriate -L and -I to point to the nvidia libs and headers when you
> are building/linking at compile time.  This however is seldom
> something a community contributor wants to do.

I don't know what kind of extensions are offered. 
If some of them optimize for nvidia hardware then it
makes perfect sense to me. 

> I think at this point... your questions are best answered by
> rebuilding sourcecode into binaries for yourself and watching the
> truth unfold.

Heh, okay I give up on this.

Ivan Gyurdiev <ivg2 cornell edu>
Cornell University

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