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Re: repository creation

> But the only way you're going to know if the debuginfo items are there
> is by reading through all of the debuginfo metadata.
> so it's a net loss for users who for I'd be willing to wager >95% of the
> time do not EVER use debuginfo rpms.
> and for the 5% of the time they need them they can simply do:
>  yum --enablerepo=base-debug install foo-debuginfo
> you're cutting off a lot of packages.
> Also - are you -1'ing the whole idea or just the idea as regards
> debuginfo packages? We can save a lot of data by pruning out src.rpms.

I think it is correct to move src.rpms and debuginfo out of the default
path. Instead of moving this to the user to enable/disable it, I thought
to use differently named files within the repodata.
All information about src.rpms goes to new filenames and you can trigger
reading in the debuginfo files if a "*-debuginfo" package name is needed.

This puts the namespace question to the repodata and is adding special
interpretation to rpm package names ("*-debuginfo"), but tries to get
all this more transparent to the user compared to offering this via
configured repo locations.

?? Both ways have their pros and cons.


Florian La Roche

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