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Re: syncing evolution w/ connector in rawhide (and others)

On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 10:11 -0600, Edginton, Brian (GE Healthcare)
> I think there needs to be some discussion about keeping, at least packages in the same general family, sync'd with each other in rawhide. I know this horse has been beating to near death but it certainly interferes with comprehensive testing and getting the feedback necessary to move fedora forward.
> Case in point, evolution and evolution-data-server move forward to 2.1.4 in rawhide. Evolution-connector lags behind, because of it's dependencies on old libgal, libe*'s, etc.
> So now in this test environment mail is completely useless. 
> Is there a way to encourage, or preferably enforce, keeping the wavefront coherent?
> edge

If you have an important workstation/server, you really shouldn't be
running from Rawhide.  Things get out of sync, break, get your cat
pregnant, etc. all the time.  You can't expect real stability until the
few weeks prior to release when everything freezes and the various
glitches are worked out.  If there was any mandate to keep Rawhide
stable at all times, it would be the equivalent of production and they
would have to put out Beta/RC releases for Rawhide!  Then we'd never see
anything go anywhere.

David Hollis <dhollis davehollis com>

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