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Re: syncing evolution w/ connector in rawhide (and others)

Le lundi 31 janvier 2005 Ã 13:22 -0500, David Hollis a Ãcrit :

> If you have an important workstation/server, you really shouldn't be
> running from Rawhide.  Things get out of sync, break, get your cat
> pregnant, etc. all the time.  You can't expect real stability until the
> few weeks prior to release when everything freezes and the various
> glitches are worked out. 

OTOH there are some regressions you'll never see on a test box (network
logins anyone ?) - so rawhide should be kept dogfoodable so the annoying
bugs that take a long time to be fixed can be detected soon enough.

And yes that does mean the system will be hosed for ~ 1 day/month
(except right after the release freeze where you'd be mad to do a sync).
For some people that's a cheap price to have FC's work right after
release and not a month later.

IMHO the tester is right we've passed the post-FC3 phase where it's ok
to turn rawhide upside down and it's time to put it in a semi-testable
state (this is by no means a demand, just my own POW - if Raw Hide can't
be used before test releases it's little use for everyone, Red Hat


Nicolas Mailhot
Raw Hide tester since ~ RH 5.2

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