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Re: No more right click terminal

On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 17:41 -0400, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> In broader strokes... I think gnome IS following lessons taken from
> existing credible studies as they become available. I think Sun's 2001
> study marked a turning point towards a general change to designing for

This study keeps being repeated every once and a while to try to prove
there is a significant study but I disagree. It is a very crappy study.

It has a small number of test subjects
Most test subjects had years of experience with Windows, CDE, and

  a) small number ==> nowhere near representative
  b) test subjects ==> opinions tainted from habits

Small changes I make on default desktops I install have proven to be
considered easier and more coherent by the users:
	* $HOME is desktop
	* a mix of two panels
	* shading instead of maximize on double click
	* menu key brings up main menu and few other short cuts
	* ...

In comparison with Sun's test study:
	a) I have tried only a slightly smaller number of users
	b) most of them don't have computer habits

So yeah, whatever, but don't bring that study up as if it is something
great and good, 'cause like Slowaris, it ain't.


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