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List purpose (was Re: No more right click terminal)

On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 08:36:50AM -0400, Dimi Paun wrote:
> Very smart. It seems that _anything_ is pointless to discuss here.
Anything except development of Fedora.

> You can argue like that about *anything*, what is then the point of
> this list?
Development of Fedora.  The fact that it is not discussed here
much doesn't make other topics any more welcome.

> Folks, most of the issues that people bring up are *valid* customer
> complaints.
- Fedora has customers?
- This list is not for recieving customer complaints.

> Brushing them off (as it happens sooo often here) with
> arguments like: 'you are not our customer', 'discuss it elsewhere, it is
> pointless here', etc is just counterproductive.
Hijacking what is supposed to be a development list is not

> As I understand it, the entire point of having a _community_ distro like
> Fedora is to channel all this customer feedback into a better product.
Patches are the preferred form of feedback.

Yes, I realize I might have been too harsh, I'm sorry if that seems to be
a personal attack; it is not meant to be personal.

I'd like everyone here to take a few minutes and read recent
fedora-extras-list or fedora-maintainers-readonly archives.
That's what development discussions look like, and not
what one can see on this list.  Sending off-topic mail here
only means that development discussions will move to
more closed places (fedora-maintainers), or stay at more closed
places (internal Red Hat lists).  That in turn makes initial
contributions of interested developers harder, hurting the
future of Fedora.

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