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Re: Taking up work (was: Re: No more right click terminal)

On Thu, 2005-07-14 at 22:11 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Hi
> >
> >1) Boilerplate similar to POSTISOFFTOPIC but specifically for addressing
> >issues to upstream.  A group of  volunteers to send the actual message
> >whenever a post is off topic.  Everyone else agrees to ignore off-topic
> >posts.
> >  
> >
> Ok. This one is easy. Just register yourself in fedoraproject.org/wiki 
> and let me know your username offlist. I will add you to the edit group. 
> You can go ahead and create templates then.

Not necessary -- I have all the rights to be able to do this.  However,
I won't have internet access starting tomorrow (and my time right now is
extremely limited as we have to finish our
packing/mailing/garbage/walk-thru/etc for moving today.)

I can work on these locally and put something up in three weeks or so.

I suggest it would be much better if someone else did this or came up
with a better idea.

> >2) Start a project to package different default values for Extras.  We
> >have redhat-rpm-config changing rpm and fedora-release changing the
> >config of yum.  Maybe there should be a poweruser-gconf-tweaks.  (More
> >seriously, it should probably be more like config-nautilus-nonspatial,
> >config-rpmbuild-userdirs, config-metacity-focusfollows, etc)  this can
> >work for things that just require default config changes but will not
> >work for compilation/upstream code changes.
> >  
> >
> I would prefer people working on documenting these. A good desktop users 
> guide and "power" user FAQ's  for Fedora which details out the common 
> changes such as these would be useful. I dont think installing different 
> packages for trivial changes such as these is really a good idea. What 
> if you install this package and then change the configuration to a 
> conflicting value?
Good idea!  Let's make that #4: Fedora Guide to Power-User Tweaks.  Are
you volunteering to create and edit it?  (I wasn't volunteering to head
a project to create defaults, so you can say no to this as well.)

> >3) Express interest in following upstream developments.  Encourage the
> >opening of bugzilla.redhat.com bugs with upstream bug #'s for these
> >issues.  There's no commitment to make changes, just a commitment to
> >actively monitor what upstream has to say about the issue and if
> >upstream commits to making a change, we'll do the same.
> >
> Oh. I just got flamed a couple of days back for telling people to report 
> bugs rather than rant on IRC channels and user lists. I am supposed to 
> be fixing bugzilla to be more end user friendly first. Dont ask me how. 
> I have no idea

I think you should take a page from espdiff (in the patchutils package)
and make a web form with a single button "Read my mind and figure out
what bug I'm reporting.  Then examine the programs on my computer and
perform a binary patch to fix the bug."  For extra credit, you could add
a single checkbox "Go back in time and fix this bug before I experienced
it" for use in Expert mode.


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