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Re: system-config-sshd ?

Arthur Pemberton wrote:


I have been a Fedora user since FC1, and now I'd like to contribute to
the project. I know some Python, but no GUI (as yet). My more tested
programming skills lie is pascal and delphi. I am interested in building
a cnfiguration tool for sshd to help me learn the python language
better, and also to contribute to the fedora project. But I need some help:

Knowledge - HOWTOs, tutorial, whitepapers, etc that I need to read to
properly write a system-config applicat ion
Rules - Standards,  and guidelines that I shoudl follow
Technologies - gui toolkits, modules, etc that I should stick to in
learning and building a system-config tool.

cvs.fedora.redhat.com and system-config* srpms has all the code necessary to give you an idea on how these tools work. That would a good starting point. It would be nice if you can explain what you have planned for system-config-sshd.


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