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Re: No more right click terminal

On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 11:46 -0300, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> > I think this reveals a lot about how you think about our target users.
> Or about my lack of command of the English language.  I'm not a native
> speaker.  Perhaps this term doesn't mean what I meant.  I just meant
> the user could remain in...  would the term `blissful ignorance' not
> carry the negative connotation you read into my words?

My apologies then.  It's an attitude I've seen from many other people
and it frustrates me a lot.

> Sure, we shouldn't stop such people from using computers.  But even
> those might have use cases that could be improved, and if they can't
> come up with a solution themselves, they can keep on wasting their
> time on such repetitive tasks, or they could ask a computer-savvy
> friend to write a script for them, or write a script themselves,
> after some studying, or even using a GUI app to create GUI scripts.

Going back to the original point of this thread, not having the terminal
in the right-click menu is not going to help these people at all if they
need some computer-savvy friend to introduce them and start writing
things for them.  Having it there by default is not going to magically
endow knowledge of data structures, scripting languages, variables, etc.

Again, no one is suggesting removing the terminal; power users can
easily add it to the panel or install nautilus-open-terminal.  Or just
launch it from the menu; personally I have one terminal with 10 tabs
restored as part of my session and never open a new one.

That's all I have to say.

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