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Re: What next?

On Wed, Jun 01, 2005 at 05:12:48PM -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Daniel Roesen (dr cluenet de) said: 
> > > This should work out of the box and thats what I'd like to see happen not
> > > more config tools - do you really need tools ?
> > 
> > My wording wasn't good I guess. What I meant was that when the installer
> > detects e.g. a Matrox card, it should (by default or optionally) just
> > set up all the 3D accel stuff like agpgart and DRM module loading,
> agpgart is not a module.

$ /sbin/lsmod | fgrep agpgart
agpgart                56740   3

> DRM module loading is done by the X server.
> DRI and GLX are enabled by default, AFAIK.


I think I made a major mistake. I've not verified that the problems
I described are still there in FC4T3 (or anything newer than FC1).
My bad. Perhaps all this IS already a problem of the past...

Please excuse the noise if all that is nowadays a non-issue, but in my
FC1, no DRI stuff was set up at all.

Well, as soon as FC4 is out, I'll upgrade (reinstall actually) my
desktop and notebook systems to FC4 and see how things are, and will
get back if that stuff is still an issue.

Best regards,

CLUE-RIPE -- Jabber: dr cluenet de -- dr IRCnet -- PGP: 0xA85C8AA0

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