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Re: What next?

> Because the decision was explicitly made when the Fedora project started
> to do releases at regular intervals rather than based on feature-driven
> milestones. This is the model Gnome has used with a good bit of success.
> It avoids the Debian "work on it for three years until it's perfect"
> syndrome, because as this thread is already showing, everyone wants "just
> a little bit longer" to get their pet feature just right.

You'll note I didn't say drag it on ad infinitum, nor did I say we
should make it stay that length of time permanently. I said for the next
release make it a specifically longer length of time to do development
work in.

That's all. I'm saying that I think there is room to discuss a different
timeline other than the 'every 6 months, release' timeline and I think
that given the tasks set ahead for FC5 that I've heard batted around
over the last N months that it would be worthwhile to lengthen the time
for development for this release.


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