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Re: What next?

On 6/2/05, Richard June <rjune bravegnuworld com> wrote:
> Most likely this will *never* be a supported thing. nobody wants to deal with
> it, but if we could work towards being able to jump from FC(X - 1) to FC(X)
> like that, it would be a nicety even if the requirements are, FC and extras
> only. how difficult would it be to enable selinux or udev on a migration? 

There are going to always be a class of low level technology changes
that require you to you be using an already updated kernel/library
environment to correctly configure them.  You either provide a target
environment to do this in like anaconda's update facility does..or to
make live upgrades work you'd have to do your live upgrade in
stages... with multlple reboots with specialized boottime config
options for some of the reboots. Fragile.

> is an install time option only, I understand that. but some things don't
> strike me as being too far outside the realm of reason.
> This "reinstall every six months" kinda sucks ya know.

anaconda has an upgrade option.... and from discussion you know there
is a long term goal to make it repository aware.  How about we focus
community effort on making the anaconda upgrade process work better..
instead of jumping over to a more fragile live upgrade process that
will still require a reboot or two.   For example you can boot into
the anaconda installer environment via grub entry with vnc access
enabled. How about you focus on making it easy for upgraders to set
that up.. instead of re-inventing the live upgrade process that we
know is going to have problems in some situations because of low level
technology shifts.


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