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Re: What next?

>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Hearn <mike navi cx> writes:

>> Yes.  There are 2 ABIs, and you are talking about one (the binary
>> compatibility ABI, aka BC ABI) while Anthony is talking about the
>> other one (the "C++" ABI).

Mike> Hmm, interesting! OK, so you can choose which ABI your binary uses at
Mike> compile time? When would you ever *not* want the BC ABI?

Mike> Oh, wait, or is this for using the libgcj objects from actual C++ code
Mike> using CNI?

The C++ ABI has better performance.  And, at the moment, CNI only
works with the C++ ABI.  The tradeoff is that the C++ ABI is not
perfectly "java like", and so in general you have to modify your
application to work properly with it.

The reason we haven't yet made the BC ABI the default is that it is
new, and also you can't yet compile directly from .java using this
ABI; you must go via .class, which is a bit too broken for a default.


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