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Re: What next?

On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 00:20 +0100, Mike Hearn wrote:
> Rather than focus purely on packaging standards, I think it'd be better
> for such a group to eliminate pointless differences between distributions
> by producing a series of informal RFC type documents. I am meaning
> differences like some distros supporting /etc/profile.d and others not, or
> using different locations for LinuxThreads, or different ways of parallel
> installing libpng.

Well, I did spend a lot of sweat trying to just get the libpng
maintainers to eliminate that particular problem back when the problem
appeared ;-) which would have been easier!

> If there is genuine interest in this, I'll bump it much nearer the top of
> my priority list. I don't mind trying to kick start such a forum, though
> I'd appreciate the thoughts of Havoc Pennington on this though. I think
> freedesktop.org just kind of grew out of the EWMH effort, but I wasn't
> around at that time.

What do you want my thinking on? freedesktop.org was not really based on
EWMH, that I can remember. I started it by writing the mission

well, maybe it's been edited a bit over the years, I don't know. But it
was roughly like that always.


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